The Best SARMs for Bodybuilding in 2020: Is Using SARMs for Bodybuilding Harmful to Your Health?


  • Ostarine MK-2866
  • Testolone RAD-140
  •  Lingadrol LGD-4033
  • YK-11

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are an abbreviation for Andarine S-4 SARMs. These substances have properties that are similar to those of anabolic steroids, but, as the name implies, they are more selective in their actions. They have specialised effects on certain tissues or locations because they are a receptor modulator.

Steroids are well-known for impacting more than just muscular development and efficiency: the dangers of using them are well-known as well.

SARMs are a relatively new alternative to traditional muscle-building methods, but that does not mean they do not already have a large number of advocates.

We delve into the science underlying SARMs and assess five common variants to see what they can do for your health and well-being. We look at how they operate using fact-based research studies that are based on real studies — there are no unsubstantiated claims here.

The Very Best SARMs for the Year 2020

Ostarine MK-2866 is the most effective SARM. Overall

Ostarine MK-2866 is also known by the names Ostarine, Enobosarm, and GTx-024 in some circles. This synthetic anabolic steroid, produced by GTx, Inc., mimics the effect of testosterone. 2]

What it Is and How it Works

Ostarine mimics the effects of testosterone, and it was initially developed to treat disorders caused or worsened by testosterone deficiency. As with all SARMs, it attaches to androgen receptors throughout your body [3] and increases androgen production.

Although there is no approved study on this chemical for bodybuilding, it has been found to be effective in the muscle-building category. Ostarine, which was originally used to treat muscle loss caused by a variety of chronic illnesses, has been shown to significantly increase physical function and lean muscle mass in both males and females. [4] [5]

MK-2866 has the ability to produce outcomes at dosages as little as one milligramme. An investigation on cancer patients who were suffering from muscular wasting found that their ability to climb stairs increased dramatically, with greater gains shown in those who were taking a larger dosage. [6]

Animal studies have revealed that Ostarine may also help to enhance bone density and prevent bone loss. Given that powerlifting and other hard bodybuilding workouts might increase your risk of fractures, it’s worth thinking about only for that reason. [7] [8]

Ostarine MK-2866 Side Effects and Consequences

Ostarine MK-2866 is a non-steroidal anabolic agent; it is not truly testosterone, despite the fact that it is effective. If you compare it to typical androgenic representations, the negative effects are limited. [9]

Mild stomach pain, queasiness, constipation, and diarrhoea are possible side effects. Ostarine should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing. Keep things as natural as possible during these difficult moments.

The bottom line is as follows:
It is testosterone that drives a wide range of beneficial bodily processes ranging from bodybuilding to enhanced physical function. Due to the fact that Ostarine preferentially mimics testosterone’s qualities, it has swiftly established itself as one of the most effective SARMs for performance enhancement and muscle development.

2. Testolone RAD-140 is the most effective for bulking up.
At the time of its development, testolone RAD-140 was intended to treat illnesses such as breast cancer and muscle atrophy. It is one of the most potent SARMs available, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to bulk up and gain muscle quickly. [10]

What it does and how it works

A significant affinity for androgen-receptor cells in the body has been demonstrated by RAD-140. It is also exceedingly selective when compared to other SARMs; it has no effect on any other steroid-hormone receptors in the body.

SARMs are currently considered to be crucial by definition; yet, a research investigation has confirmed that RAD-140 binds particularly effectively to androgen receptors in the bone and muscle. Specifically, it blocks androgen receptors in the prostate and breasts, lowering the risk of prostate and breast cancer. [12]

RAD-140 is a more effective therapeutic option for muscle wasting than testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids, and it is also less dangerous. Both can aggravate or cause cancer as a result of overstimulation of androgen receptors in the body. [13]

Testolone may potentially have a positive effect on mental capacity. Early experiments discovered that it can reduce the amount of brain cell loss caused by ageing. 15]

It has even been shown to be effective in the treatment of breast cancer in clinical trials. Because of its increased selectivity, it also reduces the likelihood of other unwanted androgenic effects in women, such as hair growth [16].

Testolone RAD-140 Side Effects and Concerns

Anecdotal reports from RAD-140 users warn that the device might cause nausea in first-time users. Other potential side effects include sleeplessness or tiredness, which can occur at varying degrees depending on the dose and length of the treatment cycle.

The bottom line is as follows:
If you’re in the midst of a bulking cycle, Testolone’s rapid muscle-building powers are among the most effective available. As one of the most discriminating SARMs available, it is particularly effective at targeting muscle and bone while having little side effects on other organs.

3. Lingadrol LGD-4033—The Most Preferable for Ladies

Lingadrol, also known as LGD-4033, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is used to treat osteoporosis-related bone and muscle loss. Because women are more susceptible to bone disease than males, it is one of the most effective SARMs for female athletes. Lingadrol is also one of the few SARMs that has been subjected to human testing, with encouraging results. [17]

What it does and how it works

When LGD-4033 binds to androgen-receptive cells in the body, it exhibits remarkable selectivity, preferring cells in the muscles and bones over those in other parts of the body. It also works quickly: according to a 21-day research conducted on healthy guys, all subjects had an increase in lean body mass [18].

Over the course of this brief period of time, participants demonstrated enhanced leg press strength as well as increased stair climbing ability.

The doses were as little as 0.1-1mg, demonstrating the drug’s extreme efficacy. Because women normally build muscle at a slower rate than males, perhaps as a result of lower testosterone levels, LGD-4033 may be an excellent strategy to jumpstart muscle growth in women. [19]

Animal studies have confirmed that Lingadrol may be capable of having a beneficial effect on bones and muscles while not interfering with sensitive regions such as the prostate, which is a concern. Increased bone mass and strength, as well as better sexual function, were among the observed outcomes. [20]

Lingadrol Adverse Reactions

It is possible for some users to have stomach pain, such as nausea or abdominal discomfort. Keep in mind that variables like as your food plan and the length of time you choose to cycle the chemical have an impact on its effects.

The bottom line is as follows:
Due to the fact that girls experience bone density loss at a higher rate and at a younger age than males, we consider it to be the greatest SARM for females overall. In spite of this, the remarkable potential of LGD-4033 to increase the amount of lean muscle mass in the body makes it a feasible option for the vast majority of bodybuilders. [21] [21] [21] [21] [21] [21] [21]

4. YK-11– The most effective for quick gains

Aside from the usual characteristics of SARMs, YK-11 is notable for its ability to block myostatin. It is believed that this chemical inhibits muscle cell growth and differentiation. If you’re looking to achieve speedy development, this is the best SARM for you because of its speed.

What it does and how it works

This SARM has actually limited the amount of study that is available, but what is available is intriguing. It has the effect of decreasing myostatin, a naturally occurring chemical in the body that has a detrimental impact on muscle growth. 23]
At the same time, YK-11 increases the expression of follistatin, a protein that is essential for the metabolic process, development, and reproduction of muscle. The antioxidant follistatin also has the ability to act against myostatin, resulting in increased muscular growth. [25] [26]

Not only does suppressing myostatin help to prevent muscular atrophy and loss, but it can also help to promote muscle growth. Another positive consequence of limiting myostatin production, according to research [24], is increased strength.

YK-11 Adverse Reactions

According to secondhand accounts from YK-11 users, joint and tendon soreness are probable side effects of the medication. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using it because there has been little scientific study done on the subject.

The bottom line is as follows:
The myostatin-inhibiting activity of this SARM is worth a try for those who are new to the sport and want to see results quickly. It can also be used by experienced bodybuilders to expedite the process of bulking up their physiques.

5. Andarine S-4—The most effective for fat reduction

Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is considered to be one of the finest SARMs for cutting. It is also a product of GTx, Inc., much like Ostarine. It was originally designed to prevent osteoporosis and muscle wasting, so you can imagine what it may do for a healthy individual who takes advantage of it.

S-4, in addition to helping to increase muscle growth, can also aid in fat reduction. Increased muscle mass combined with increased fat loss should aid you in achieving the desirable “cut” image you desire.

If possible, err on the side of caution and avoid using Andarine supplements while pregnant or nursing. The possibility of increased hair loss exists, yet it is important to remember that reports of Andarine side effects vary widely.

SARMs are typically defined as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs); nonetheless, a research investigation has confirmed that RAD-140 binds particularly strongly to androgen receptors in bone and muscle. Lingadrol (LGD-4033) is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is used to combat bone and muscle loss caused by osteoporosis. It is one of the most effective SARMs for women, who are more prone to bone disease than males. Because bone density loss is more prevalent in women than in men, and it tends to occur at a younger age in women than in men, we consider it to be the ideal SARM for women. Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is considered to be one of the finest for cutting.

Purchasing Guide for SARMs as well as Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at what SARMs can accomplish for you and what you should be aware of when it comes to obtaining and taking these medications.

Is it legal to use SARMs?

In the world of dietary supplements, SARMs for recreational use reside in a grey area: they’re sold as dietary supplements, but they’re also a DEA-controlled substance, falling into the same categorization as testosterone. [28]

Athletes that want to compete at the highest level should be aware of SARMs are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) [29].

Are synthetic anabolic steroid hormones (SARMs) safe?

Because recreational use of SARMs for bodybuilding is not an FDA-approved usage, there is no assurance that the drugs will be safe. There has been minimal research into how they effect the body over the long term, and there have been no clinical evaluations into using them in cycles for recreational purposes. [30]

It is not regulated whether or not dietary supplements include SARMs because they are not licenced by the Food and Drug Administration. A deceptive ingredient list might contain erroneous or non-existent levels of the SARM in question [31], resulting in a false positive.

Is It Possible to Become More Powerful With SARMs?

Yes, particular SARMs can help you gain more strength, especially when used in conjunction with strenuous activities. A large number of research have demonstrated that SARMs improve physical function in humans (that includes strength).

Where Can You Find SARMs for Sale? What Is the Best Place to Look?
There are several dietary supplements marketed at bodybuilders and physical fitness enthusiasts that claim to include SARMs. Because of this, you should always use these labels with caution, especially if the brand in question is not well-known.

Look for vendors who have received positive reviews and are well-known in the industry. It is not advisable to acquire SARMs from private individuals or shady establishments, regardless of the strength or amount they promote.

When and how should you make use of SARMs?

SARMs should only be used if you are otherwise healthy and do not have any pre-existing medical issues. While nursing or pregnant, women should avoid attempting to bulk up their muscles with these drugs.

SARMs are often used in cycles of 2 to 3 months, at dosages ranging from 5 to 15 milligrammes per day, to get maximum results. They are also available in the form of pills or capsules. Personal factors such as your goals (e.g., bulking versus reducing) will also have an impact on how you administer them.

The ideal cycle and daily dose will vary depending on the chemical you’re taking. For example: The normal time frame is 8 weeks. Some bodybuilders shorten the cycle to four weeks, while others lengthen it to twelve weeks.

As a general guideline, you should start with a modest dosage to evaluate how your body responds and keep to a shorter cycle of 4 to 8 weeks after that. In the case of Testolone, which is quite strong even in tiny dosages, you don’t want to go overboard with how much you take.

Your cycle must never be extended past 12 weeks under any circumstances. Avoid increasing your daily dosage in significant increments: if you must raise it, stick to a dose of no more than 5mg per day, at most.

If you have severe side effects, you should discontinue your cycle and speak with a medical practitioner immediately. SARMs may not be as hazardous as conventional steroids, but that does not imply that they are completely risk-free.

Are SARMs a Good Choice for Bodybuilders to Use?

In the bodybuilding community, there are several success tales of bodybuilders who used SARMs in cycles to gain muscle growth and improve performance. It is your responsibility to consider the risks and benefits of taking these medications.

SARMs do, on the other hand, have far less negative side effects than typical bodybuilding supplements. When cycling, though, you should proceed with caution and keep a close eye on your surroundings.

What Are the Advantages of Taking Steroid-Alkaloid Receptor Modulators?

SARMs offer many of the same advantages as traditional steroids and testosterone supplements, including the ability to increase strength and endurance. They have been shown to increase muscular growth, strength, and performance, as well as cognitive function. Some of them can assist in weight loss and bone density enhancement.

These compounds do not come without side effects, but they do not exhibit many of the horrible indicators that bodybuilders associate with anabolic steroids, and testosterone supplements will not follow suit.

Anabolic steroids can also cause the development of opposite-sex characteristics, such as the growth of body hair in females or the development of breasts in males. Both sexes are at higher risk for cancer, hostility, acne, hair loss, and other health problems, among other things.

What Are the Risks and Consequences of Using SARMs?

It depends on the type of SARM, your cycle, dose, and overall health if you experience negative effects. A large number of studies investigating SARMs for medicinal purposes have revealed very minor unfavourable outcomes.

Do SARMs Have an Effect on Testosterone Levels?

Yes, depending on the type of SARM used, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) can lower testosterone levels at higher dosages.

Should women use synthetic anabolic steroid hormones?

SARMs are a promising alternative to anabolic steroids in terms of efficacy and safety. As a result, females stand to gain significantly, as the negative effects of traditional steroids or testosterone supplements in women are often severe.

Some SARMs are even believed to be attractive in the treatment of muscular wasting, breast cancer, and other disorders that affect females, according to some experts.

Is MK 677 a synthetic anabolic steroid?

MK 677, also known as Ibutamoren, is commonly mistakenly assumed to be a member of the SARM family, but this is not the case. It governs the development hormonal agent and increases the production of ghrelin, the hormonal agent responsible for cravings and appetite stimulation.

MK 677 is a fantastic potential for bodybuilders looking to bulk up because of its unique properties, but it is not a SARM.

Putting together SARMs might be a tremendous help in achieving your bodybuilding goals. Nonetheless, it is critical to avoid abusing them and to apply common sense while picking the most appropriate SARMs for your situation.

Unfavorable side effects are possible with this substance, just as they are with any manmade compound. Even while the risk is far reduced than with other choices like as testosterone, it is still a possibility.


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