YK-11 the lowdown?

Is it true that YK-11 is a SARM?

SARMs, such as LGD-4033 and Ostarine (MK2866), are gaining more and more popularity due to the fact that they provide remarkable outcomes with a comparatively low number of unwanted side effects. On the other hand, everyone is constantly seeking for the next big thing, or in this instance the next major SARM, and many individuals have turned to YK-11 in the hopes that it would fulfil their requirements. The issue is that YK-11 is not a SARM; rather, it is an untested steroid that has not been tested on either humans or animals.

Kanno Y et al2011 .’s paper on YK-11, also known as 1-Methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester, proposed that it is a receptor agonist of the androgen receptor and Could act as a small molecule modulator. This was the first paper published on this compound. The next year, in 2013, they published a second publication in which they referred to YK11 as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. There do not appear to be any scientific flaws in the studies presented in these articles; nonetheless, it is wrong to refer to YK11 as a SARM rather than a hormone.

Because it is classified as a steroid instead of a SARM, YK-11 is not considered to be a SARM. In a given area of the arts or sciences, a system of names or words, or the procedures for producing these terms, is referred to as the nomenclature. There is not yet a terminology that is universally acknowledged for SARMs; however, there is a nomenclature that is universally accepted for steroids, and YK-11 fits into that nomenclature well, demonstrating that it is in fact a synthetic steroid.

There is only one backbone for steroids, and it looks like the one on the upper left. You will see the structures for both Testosterone and Trenbolone underneath, and you will see that they have a great deal in common with one another.

Now take a look below, and compare what you see there to the construction of the YK-11.

Because the steroid backbone of YK-11 is identical to that of all other steroids, it is a synthetic steroid and not a SARM. This is evident from the structure of YK-11, which can be seen in its entirety.

So why was YK-11 given the incorrect classification of a SARM?

Guess 1: Because it was a SARM, they were given a larger amount of financing money (most likely).

Guess 2: A error by someone.

Guess 3: To receive some measure of recognition within the realm of biotechnology.

Now that they know it’s a steroid, there are going to be some folks who say, “Great, are the outcomes better?”

The issue with YK-11 is that it has not undergone any kind of testing, and neither licenced researchers nor pharma companies nor SARMs companies have continued any kind of study on it. YK has not been subjected to any tests on animals (no rats or mice), and there have been no trials on humans either. The only data available to YK are in vitro results on C2C12 cells, which are derived from a myoblast cell line capable of differentiating in mice. In other words, it has only been examined in a laboratory setting using a test tube. According to the results of this investigation, it does have the capacity to trigger muscle differentiation when administered in specific quantities. However, this information cannot be easily converted into human doses due to the fact that there is NO data available on the metabolism of the substance. On the other hand, since that we know it is a synthetic steroid, one might argue that an educated assumption based on the metabolism of other synthetic steroids would offer rough indicators of its own metabolism. But there is nothing tangible, and there is certainly no proof.

You can find references to the following points stated on a variety:

— The appropriate amount to take

—  The optimal dose for promoting muscle growth in humans

— One-Half of the Lifespan

— Adverse consequences both in the short and long term

— That there is no requirement for a PCT

— The fact that it does not cause hepatotoxicity in the liver

Each and every one of these claims is wholly and entirely erroneous. Some will be the result of individuals learning through trial and error, but nothing has been demonstrated or even proved to have a distant possibility of having any promises via true scientific research.

Because YK-11 is a steroid, it is quite likely that you will require an intensive PCT after using it.

Because YK-11’s nomenclature contains four methylation groups, it has a high potential to cause hepatotoxicity (liver damage). Having said that, due to where they are located, it is quite unlikely that it will be extremely harmful to the liver. There is a good chance that liver readings will go up, but they won’t skyrocket.

The half-life of YK-11 has not been demonstrated, and neither have any of the anticipated adverse effects.

YK11 Is an Inhibitor of Myostatin, Right?

The vast majority of medicines that claim to suppress myostatin do not do so effectively or at all. This percentage is at 99 percent. When compared to DHT and other synthetic steroids, YK has the capacity to produce a greater rise in follistatin. It would be an advantage compared to the disadvantages discussed above. On the other hand, because there is NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF DATA to support it, we have no idea how much it is or how effective it is.

What is the appropriate amount of YK to take?

YK has no proper dose. Many companies use a dosage of 5 milligrammes per pill, although it is impossible to say with certainty if this is excessively high or dangerously low.

Our Conclusion:

Unfortunately, YK-11 has not been subjected to any kind of testing on humans, which is one of the requirements that we have always stated must be met for us to collaborate on a product. Because there has been ZERO data or study behind it’s advantages and negative effects, we are unable to provide you with any information that is 100% accurate because we have said so throughout this text. You are free to draw whatever conclusions you choose from this, but the most important thing we can tell you is to be careful and to do your homework.

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