What Is A PCT/Post Cycle Therapy?

Published Date: November 11, 2020

What Is A PCTPost Cycle Therapy

PCT is a term commonly used when you are talking about steroids. Generally, PCT means Post Cycle Therapy. The main aim of going through this therapy is to restore the sex hormone production in the body (Testosterone) after the use of steroids is discontinued.

During the use of steroids, the energy is mostly used in muscle generation and strength building. Therefore, they have side effects such as a decrease in libido and depression. Post Cycle Therapy has the responsibility to cleanse of these side effects and prepare the body for another cycle.

Why go through Post Cycle Therapy

The purpose of getting through this process is to stimulate the natural secretion of testosterone. Essentially when you get in these plans to start Post Cycle Therapy, you need to know there is no guarantee in the results that the hormones will return to the previous level that they were.

How to perform PCT

There are many different types of protocols to choose from when you need to start PCT. The plan that you need to choose has to be limiting the stress levels of the body. Nevertheless, this article will show some of the plans you can choose to accommodate.

1. The HPTA

HPTA is also known as Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis. This method interconnects with endocrine glands responsible for the production of testosterone. HTPA functions in a negative feedback loop whereby it inhibits the manufacture of this hormone. This negative feedback loop maintains hormonal homeostasis responsible for regulating hormones in the body.

The homeostasis process involves hormones such as Luteinizing hormone, Follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone. HPTA begins at the hypothalamus where the manufacture of testosterone begins and also the release of Gonadotropin. After this point, the pituitary gland releases the other two hormones which signal the last point, the testes to start the process of secreting testosterone.

HPTA may prove to be difficult to many other people. Several factors may determine how fast the process will be from one person to another. Here are some of the examples.

For the better coordination of the body during the period of therapy, there are three compounds important in post cycle therapy. Check out the listed drugs below.

2. HCG

Primarily know as the Human Chronic Gonadotropin. It is a peptide hormone responsible for preparing the body for SERMs therapy. It mimics the effects of Luteinizing hormone. Although the body secrets its LH, after a rapid steroid cycle, it slows down the incline of the hormone. Therefore, the body does not offer enough production to stimulate LH.

HCG is utilized between the period of one to two weeks of PCT, after every two days. There are two major factors to consider before using this specific drug.

3. Aromasin (Aromatase inhibitors)

HCG increases the levels of Aromatase expression. With this in play, it triggers estrogenic side effects.The good thing about this drug is that it negatively impacts the levels of cholesterol in the body.

In addition to this, Aromasin can increase the levels of testosterone.you need to take a dosage of 25 to 50 mg in ten days. Remember that once HCG ends, you should also halt the use of Aromasin.

Supplementary factors of the PCT

As you go through the therapy process, it is good to know that there will be factors that arise due to the use of this process. Consider the following mentioned factors.

1. Testosterone recovery

Several ingredients boost the levels of hormones in the body including Icarin, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Zinc and Vitex Angus Castus. These products vary from one individual to another basing on how the body will respond. However, it promotes estrogen blockers which stimulate supplements that focus on testosterone enhancement.

2. Estrogen inhibition

At the end of a prohormonal cycle, it is important to drive down the levels of estrogen to make room for the increase in testosterone. Through this way, the body will also be free in mood and libido.

This factor also limits the unwanted estrogenic effects. Nevertheless, it reduces the levels of cholesterol that make body fat to decrease. Some of the ingredients include Formastane, 6-Bromo and chrysin.

3. Progesterone inhabitation

During PCT therapy, most people are frustrated over the compounds that limit the estrogen receptors. In such situations, the body focuses on a steroid-related hormone called progesterone. Compared to estrogen ingredients, other options help in the control of progesterone. It includes pyridoxal phosphate and mucuna prurience.

4. Reducing cortisol

It is important to understand that when you go through this process, you will improve the muscle-building process. Reducing the levels of cortisol will help enhance the anti-catabolic process giving rise to newly formed muscles.

Here are some of the ingredients that help to reduce the level of cortisol: Phosphatidylserine, Dehydroabeatic acid and Vitamin C.

5. Increasing libido and mood

Libido is the sex drive that someone needs at a particular given time. Psychologically during the use of steroids, it will make you lose the interest of having sex. Furthermore, for one to have an interest in sexual intercourse, then it is linked with the kind of mood the person is in.

The key element to supplement both mood and libido focus on supplements that bring out dopamine. You can focus on eating Chocolates which will naturally boost orgasm during sex.

6. Enhancing the workout performance

some drugs help in boosting up the hormones entitled in giving energy needed to have a complete workout. These enhancers improve the performance of people in the sporting industry. Think of this as a way to gain muscles and improving body strength.

You can improve the pre-workouts through the use of ergogenic compounds such as creatine, beta-alanine which help to increase strength.

7. Restoring health

After the use of steroids, the body becomes exhausted and lacks some of the ingredients needed for bodybuilding. You can adapt certain diet programs that will help to keep the body fit. Ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, fish oils, and milk help in the restoration of health.

8. Reduction of fat gain

PCT helps to burn the body fats and make the body fit after the end of a prohormonal cycle. Through the intense work out sessions, some products help to keep the body under control such as forskolin, Ursolic acid, berberine and fish oils.

9. Natural anabolics

These natural anabolics help in the synthesis of proteins. During steroid cycle, the body protein levels are under the normal rate. You can have the PCT cycle to help in the restoration of levels of hormones back to normal. The levels of proteins in your diet help in building up the body and having a healthy life.


Now that you understand what it entails to go through Post cycle therapy, you can meditate upon the risks of getting into it. You can accelerate body recovery for optimal body functions. To get the best out of the cycle, you will have read the article to get more information and to ensure maximum results at the end.

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