SR9009 the lowdown?

Stenabolic SR 9009: what exactly is it?

Stenabolic, also known by its short form SR-9009, is sometimes misidentified as a SARM, but in reality, it is a synthetic medication known as REV-ERB that was initially developed to aid in the investigation of circadian rhythm.

Athletes all too frequently fail to recognise the impact that intense exercise and other forms of physical stress can have on their mental state. Your performance at the gym may suffer as a result of this lack of focus, which may manifest itself in a variety of ways, including mental haze, impaired awareness, and decreased concentration.

When you put all of this together, it makes perfect sense…

A loss of concentration will lead to a lack of willpower, which will ultimately result in your inability to complete that additional rep. How are you going to keep track of your sets if your brain isn’t functioning properly?

You are in luck since SR 9009 can assist you in turning the tables…

In addition to increasing your lean muscle mass, improving your endurance, lowering your anxiety, lowering your cholesterol levels, reducing your weight, and reducing inflammation, Stenabolic has the ability to help stabilise your rhythm, which will allow you to focus, stay alert, and concentrate on your workout.

The Scientific Basis:

Stenabolic is a REV-ERB agonist, which means that it has the ability to boost or magnify the activity of REV-ERB proteins. These proteins are important for governing a wide variety of processes within your body, one of which is your metabolic rate. SR 9009 is able to utilise fat for energy while also helping to lower cholesterol levels because it alters gene expression and causes the body to stop producing glucose. This is accomplished without having an adverse effect on the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

In addition, this is thought to initiate a sequence of actions in your liver, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue, which can boost the production rate of mitochondrial cells. These activities can be bolstered by the fact that your circadian rhythm is being altered.

In a study on obese mice that was published in the Journal of Natural Medicine, SR-9009 helped the mice become more active, utilised their fat stores for energy, bolstered fat burning, and helped the mice receive extra lean muscle mass. All of these effects were due to SR-9009’s ability to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass. On the other hand, as a result of their increased awareness and concentration, they were able to run for a longer period of time and cover a further distance.

But that is not all that it is capable of…

In patients who suffer from sarcopenia, SR 9009 has a proven track record of being able to stop the withering away of their muscles. That is to say that it has the ability to assist you in preserving all of those gains in lean muscle mass as well as strength without causing any adverse effects (like most anabolic androgenic steroids).

Having said that, there is a catch…

Stenabolic has not only been declared illegal and labelled as an S4 (a hormone and metabolic modulator), but it has also never been evaluated in human subjects. Therefore, despite the fact that many websites could state that SR 9009 would not cause any negative effects. The fact of the matter is that there is no evidence to suggest that it won’t. It is just conjecture at this point.

What is the mechanism of action of Stenabolic SR 9009?

In the part that was just before this one, we only touched on this topic fleetingly; nonetheless, in order to assist you have a better sense, here is what we know:

The 24-hour cycles of activity that occur within our bodies are referred to as the circadian rhythm. This pattern is preserved by the utilisation of a loop mechanism that alternately switches on and off your genes. For example, when the CLOCK and BMAL1 genes are activated, this also activates the PER and CRY genes. CLOCK and BMAL1 will be disabled as soon as they are activated. After that, the procedure starts over.

Now, REV-ERBs are a pair of proteins that are meant to maintain this internal clock by switching off BMAL1. They do this by inhibiting the activity of BMAL1. The heme group, in turn, is responsible for the activation of these proteins (a small iron-containing compound e.g. red blood cells).

When you add SR 9009 to the equation, as you probably guessed, it boosts the activity of REV-ERB (NOTE: REV-ERB is located in your liver, muscles, and adipose tissues) and causes the following:

  • In the liver, the circadian rhythm of ninety percent of the genes that are controlled by the circadian clock is influenced by REV-ERB (well, in the livers of mice anyway). It does this by switching off the genes that are responsible for producing glucose while simultaneously switching on the genes that are responsible for producing new fat cells. At the same time, it will lessen the inflammatory reaction that your body has.
  • REV-ERB in fat cells is responsible for turning off the genes that are involved in fat storage, which helps to reduce the creation of triglycerides.
  • REV-ERB is beneficial to the muscles since it increases mitochondrial activity while also promoting fat burning (by encouraging the creation of new mitochondria, as well as reducing the destruction of old mitochondria).

Studies conducted on animals and in cells revealed that SR-9009 had the following effects: it increased oxygen consumption; it decreased the generation of different fat cells, cholesterol, and bile acids in the liver; it increased the presence of mitochondria, glucose, and fatty acid use in muscles; and it decreased the amount of fat that was stored in the body.

The lifting of weights is only one component of the process of building lean muscle. Endurance, strength, sleep, and recuperation are the four pillars around which anabolism is built.

  • If you lack endurance, energy, and stamina, you won’t be able to lift as much weight or as hard as you would like to be able to accomplish.


  • Sleep: If you don’t get enough of it, your body’s natural synthesis of testosterone and release of growth hormones will suffer. Sleep deprivation.


  • Recovery: If your body isn’t given enough time or resources to heal entirely from the effects of physical tress, you might end up with strained muscles or even more serious injuries like torn ligaments.


Stenabolic may help prime your body, keep you focused (for up to 12 hours owing to its short half-life), and ensuring that you sleep like a rock, which means that you are more than capable of managing even the most strenuous activity.

More significantly, it can boost your cardiovascular health and the amount of fat that you burn (even when you’re not doing anything), which will help you attain sculpted, rock-solid abs and clear definition.

Features and Advantages of SR-9009 – A Stenabolic Analysis

Still here with us up to this point? Great!

Once you get beyond all of the language, what you are left with is an oral supplement that has the potential to revolutionise the way you approach bodybuilding. We are the first to admit that the science that behind this product might be a little bit daunting.

The following are some of the benefits that you might anticipate to receive from using SR-9009:

  • By turning off the genes that are responsible for glucose uptake (without wreaking havoc on your high insulin responsivity), this forces your tissue to use fat reserves for metabolic rate, which results in increased fat loss. This is accomplished by switching off the genes that are responsible for glycogenesis. At the same time, this serves to enhance your metabolism by increasing the synthesis of mitochondria, which means that you will continue to burn fat even while you are at rest or sleeping. Mice who were put on a diet and then given injections of SR-9009 for a period of 30 days saw weight loss that was 60% more than that of mice that received a placebo. While in a second experiment, genetically fat mice continued to gain weight for the first 12 days, then stopped (without their glucose levels being affected).
  • Lean muscle mass: SR 9009 has been shown to increase the pace at which new muscle is produced by replacing worn-out mitochondria with fresh ones. This effect can be amplified by combining it with a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) such as ligandrol, which, when taken simultaneously, can speed up the process of gaining muscle mass.
  • Stenabolic can help regulate LDL levels while also helping to boost HDL levels, which leads to a reduction in total cholesterol as well as triglyceride and LDL levels. The levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol in the blood of mice decreased after they were fed SR-9009 over a period of 7-10 days.
  • It is fantastic news for your exercise routine that Circadian Rhythm – SR 9009 can help keep you energetic and alert for up to 12 hours a day. This is because it can help counteract feelings of exhaustion during intense training sessions.
  • Your rate of recovery after exercise can be sped up if you maintain a high level of active and youthful mitochondria in your body (i.e., if you phase out and replace mitochondrial cells that have become damaged or have died). Studies conducted on mice showed that SR-9009 was effective at reducing inflammation and tissue damage.
  • Endurance: Taking SR 9009 regularly will help increase your endurance, which will allow you to train for longer without feeling exhausted. For example, if you normally reach your maximum heart rate after 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), taking Stenabolic will allow you to perform the same HIIT at only 75% of your maximum heart rate, giving you the ability to go an additional 10 minutes before reaching your maximum heart rate. In a research where mice were administered SR 9009 for a period of 30 days, the mice were able to run for significantly longer periods of time and cover a greater distance than before.
  • In addition to its ability to keep you alert throughout the day, Stenabolic may also help you have a pleasant and disturbance-free night’s sleep, making it possible for you to wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Anxiety: When mice were given injections twice a day for 3-10 days, they displayed less behaviour consistent with anxiety.


Is it safe to use SR-9009?

On the one hand, we could answer in the affirmative. When it was used at the authorised dosage for short cycles, there have been no reports of SR 9009 causing any adverse effects as of yet. Stenabolic, on the other hand, has NEVER been subjected to any kind of test on human beings.

All of the advantages and tests in clinical settings that we discussed earlier? Since these tests were conducted on mice, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty whether or not SR 9009 is safe for human use.

In reality, what is required is further study — on humans – in order to completely identify both the possible advantages and the potential adverse consequences.

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