SARMs- What Results Can You Expect?

Published Date: August 2, 2020


For most bodybuilders, athletes or just anyone looking to build body muscle and lose extra body fat, the recent invention of SARMs has been a life-saver. This is mainly because SARMs hold the promise of helping you gain as much as 30 pounds of muscle in as little time as 90 days, without necessarily requiring intense work-out or a restricted diet.

But those are just general results that you can expect only after using a certain type of SARM, and after taking a specific dosage for a certain cycle length. In this article, we are going to give you all the specific answers you need including what the most common SARMs in the market are and what kind of results you should expect after taking them.

But first, let us define what SARMs are and how they work.

What are SARMS?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators commonly abbreviated as SARMs, are a type of muscle-building drugs that work by binding androgen receptors. Originally created to prevent cancer patients from shedding too much muscle, SARMs have also been known to improve athletic performance and encourage fat loss.

However, because SARMs are frequently compared to steroids, it is common to wonder if they have any side effects like the anabolic-androgenic compounds. To put your mind at ease, no, SARMs do not have any intense side effects like steroids. While steroids affect other parts of your body like brain receptors, SARMs are more selective, and only affect the muscle tissues, hence preventing nausea and hair loss commonly associated with steroids.

Perhaps that is why SARMs are becoming increasingly popular each day. They offer all the advantageous results associated with steroids without the negative side effects.

Common Types of SARMs and their Expected Results

How to Get Better Results with SARMs

As much as the results above are impressive, it is not uncommon for someone to want to get better results as quickly as they could. There are three ways in which that is possible, and they include:


To summarise, not everyone will have great results after taking the SARMs. The effectiveness of the SARMs on a person depends majorly on the type of person you are. For example, if you are an active athletic person, the timeframe of the SARMs working effectively might be shorter than for a person who is not as actively athletic.

Also, because our bodies are very different from each other, some SARMs might work better for a certain type of people and work slower or have major side effects on others. To be safe, you should do maximum research and consult a medical practitioner before using SARMs.

Other than that, it should typically take around 4 to 16 weeks for you to start experiencing the amazing transformation on your body after taking SARMs, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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