Review of YK-11 help with Body building?

YK11 SARM: A Step-by-Step Guide to Its Function, Side Effects, and Results!

YK11 Is Not Your Average SARM YK11 is Not Your Average Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. In point of fact, there is a diversity of view about the question of whether or not it is a SARM.


In comparison to the other compounds on the market, this one is noticeably more potent and efficient. It operates using a one-of-a-kind mechanism of its own design.

After conducting a significant amount of study on this substance, a few things have emerged as particularly noteworthy.

  • It was demonstrated that it has anabolic action.
  • It has the potential to stimulate follistatin production and may block the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  • It is pretty thrilling while at the same time being incredibly complex since, as we said before, there is a limited amount of data.

You will have the opportunity to get additional knowledge regarding the effects of this SARM by participating in this clinical investigation.


Athletes and bodybuilders who have tried out this compound and are willing to share their thoughts with us have been contacted and questioned by our team. They assert that they do so because there is a valid basis for doing so.

The reason for this is because they discovered it to be quite useful in the process of constructing new muscle tissue. When utilising the YK11 Sarm, putting on muscle mass is made considerably simpler, and you’ll achieve your goals much more quickly.

They say that they were able to expand their size by one pound each week while using it, but it will also make users significantly stronger.

YK11 SARM Results

There have been reports of a gain of up to ten additional pounds during a period of six weeks. It is important to keep in mind that the results of utilising this might vary from person to person.

However, because there is not enough information available about it, we do not advise utilising it.

Ecdysterone, which is a natural anabolic and has no adverse effects, has produced results for us that are comparable to those of testosterone.

Additionally, some people combine it with additional Therapies such as Magnetic field . the magnetic (LGD-4033) and MK-677 (Ibutamoren).


When discussing YK11 doses, we are relying on anecdotal experiences as our primary source of information.

It is a powerful chemical, as was described in the introduction.

When weighed against RAD140 (Testosterone), it may even be more potent than the latter when compared milligramme for milligramme.

If you want the best possible benefits from taking YK11, a suitable dosage would be ranging from 5 to 10 milligrammes per day. Depending on what you want to do throughout the cycle, it can run anywhere from four to eight weeks.

And to tell you the truth, it is all you require. If you consume more than 10 milligrammes, there is a possibility that you will have some unwanted side effects.

It is preferable to take things slowly, between 5 and 10 milligrammes each day, in order to achieve considerable improvement without any problems.

You will require Defend cycle support while you are on the cycle since it has the potential to be toxic to the liver.

Following the cycle, you should begin the Rebirth PCT in order to facilitate your recovery. You will require this effective post cycle treatment vitamin in order to complete your routine.

The comments made above are derived from anecdotal experiences, and they are not supported by clinical research in any way. Utilizing this substance in any way might put you in harm’s way, which is why we do not recommend doing so.


It has been estimated that the YK11 sarm has a half-life of around 10 to 12 hours. According to the experiences of bodybuilders who have shared their knowledge, this indicates that during your cycle, you will only need to dose once each day.

The use of YK11 is not something that we endorse.


The YK-11 SARM is the one on which there is the least amount of information currently accessible.

This indicates that there are no accessible clinical data to support the claims that are being made regarding the application of this substance and the negative effects that it has. Because of this, it is exceedingly hazardous, and as a result, you should not use it.

We have carried out our investigation and read through a number of user logs in which users have recorded their experiences.

The following adverse effects have been reported by customers:

  • Hormone suppression
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort in the stomach Nausea

Again, we are unable to say for certain that these are all of the potential adverse effects. It has been suggested, based on anecdotal evidence, that you should keep both your dose and the length of your cycle to a minimum.

They suggest that if you do that, you will reduce the likelihood of experiencing any potential adverse effects at all. It is necessary to have an appropriate SARMs PCT methodology and cycle support for this endeavour.


Following a comprehensive examination of the YK11 SARM’s supporting evidence, statistics, and anecdotal accounts, we have arrived to the conclusion that it is not wholly dependable.

Because there have been no tests conducted on humans, the chemical is exceedingly hazardous. It is possible for there to be serious adverse consequences.

There are now a few different suppliers available that provide YK-11 for purchase. Only obtaining it from a reliable source such as Pharmagrade.Store is something that we would advocate.

The combination of ecdysterone plus sapogenix, which may be thought of as a more advanced form of laxogenin, has provided us with some really positive outcomes.

Depending on how much muscle mass you want to pack on, you may choose between a four-week or an eight-week programme.

We were able to pack on seven pounds in only eight weeks thanks to it, which is still quite respectable progress for a solution that doesn’t call for post-cycle therapy or cycle support.


There is no other way to explain it; the YK11 SARM is unique in every possible way. It has been suggested, based on anecdotal evidence, that it is effective for increasing both muscular mass and strength.

The numerous claims that have been made regarding this product are, sadly, not supported by a sufficient number of clinical data that are now accessible. This is a significant problem due to the fact that you don’t know what may happen or what the consequences will be in the long run.

Users have reported experiencing negative effects; hence, we do not advocate utilising it due to its lack of dependability.

Those who do need to be aware that once the cycle is through, post-cycle counselling is absolutely necessary and cannot be skipped under any circumstances. 

There is no denying the fact that it possesses considerable power. We strongly recommend that you steer clear of this substance altogether given the paucity of research conducted on humans with it.

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