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SR-9009 Stenabolic Liquid

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When SR9009 is combined with cardiovascular and anaerobic training, it can result in an increased level of fat expenditure, also known as fat loss. It also helps to encourage efficiency in the metabolism of sugars. This can increase the cardiovascular output in the body.

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SR9009 Liquid

SR9009, also known as SR9009 Stenabolic, are capsules designed for athletes. Athletes refer to it as cardio in a bottle. SR9009 was developed by Professor Thomas Burris, a member of the Scripps Research Institute. It is a brand of Rev-ERB ligand that can be swallowed. SR9009’s role is to increase the mitochondria count in the body of an athlete. 

SR9009 sarms have been shown to help the user to lose weight and fat while increasing endurance. Stenabolic is also designed to increase calorie expenditure in the body by around 5%. By doing so, it causes the body to burn an extra 5% of calories even when the body is at rest. These are just a few of the numerous benefits offered by SR9009.

SR9009 is also a REV-ERB agonist which increases the constitutive repression of genes that are regulated by the REV-ERB. REV-ERB are nuclear and transcriptional receptors whose roles are to coordinate cardiac rhythm and metabolic pathways in a heme-dependent manner.

Benefits of SR9009

SR9009 has gotten a lot of popularity since it was introduced in the market because of its numerous benefits. 

Some of the services are:

SR9009 helps to reduce the stubborn abdominal and visceral mass that refuses to respond to physical activity and dieting.

Helps promote intense power exercises because it stimulates the complete synchronization of the rhythm of the body’s activities. It also allows trainers to train for longer.

Reduces inflammation and improve lipid metabolism. This is essential in

Promotes faster muscle and strength. This is especially beneficial for athletes and muscle builders.

Makes the body respond and feel like it is in a constant state of exercise. It does this by increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate. This means that even when you are not working out, using SR9009 makes it seem like the body is still active. It does so without affecting the central nervous system like most products of its kind in the market.

Influences the metabolism of fat and glucose in the liver. By doing so, it helps to reduce the amount of glucose stored in the skeletal muscle as fat.

Helps promote the efficient metabolisms of excess calories in the body hence causing less body fat storage. It also helps reduce the amount of fat that is already existent in the body.

Promotes wakefulness and reduces inflammation. Enhances fast recovery and helps to create a sense of wellbeing. Increases vascularity, bone strength, muscle mass, and size.

When SR9009 is combined with cardiovascular and anaerobic training, it can result in an increased level of fat expenditure, also known as fat loss. It also helps to encourage efficiency in the metabolism of sugars. This can increase the cardiovascular output in the body.

How does it work?

When SR9009 is taken into the body, it triggers a range of processes by activating REV-ERB proteins’ bonding. It also stimulated increased production of mitochondria, which enhances the rate of metabolism within the muscles.

The increase in the count of mitochondria in the muscles causes the user to experience an increase in strength and endurance. A study was done on lab mice where the product caused a rise in its running speed. This happens because mitochondria are associated with the generation of energy in the body’s muscles. The product also triggers an increase in the number of macrophages, which helps to replace all the dead mitochondria I the body with new ones.

Additionally, SR9009 increases the metabolic rate in the body, which increases the amount of burn energy by around 5% even when the user is resting. The product works by burning off excess calories as opposed to converting them into gat. An increase in metabolic rate also increases the burning of fat hence creating an illusion that the body has been put through intense physical exercise.

SR9009 also decreases the level of fat and cholesterol that is stored in the body. It also burns the fat and glucose stored in the muscles.

How to take SR9009?

These products and dosages are intended for research purposes only!

Usage by men

SR9009 have said cycles of at least 8-12 weeks. However, this can differ from one person to the other.

Research has suggested the right time to take it would be before workouts and after meals, preferably in an eight to twelve-week cycle. 

Studies have said the product half-life is around 4-6 hours, for men, it should be taken in two-equal split doses.

Usage by women

For women, the recommended cycle for taking SR9009 is between 6-8 weeks. The capsules are commonly taken at least 30-40 minutes before working out or after eating in a six to eight-week cycle. 

Since SR9009 has a product half-life of 4-6 hours, women could take it twice per day according to research. 

What to expect from taking SR9009?

The typical result of using SR9009 is an improved sense of wellbeing in more than one way. Most users have reported an improvement in their level of glucose and endurance. Additionally, a significant number of users have reported a reduction in plasma triglycerides, plasm glucose, plasma insulin by, non-esterified fatty acids, and total cholesterol.

Other distinctive results of using SR9009 include reducing the level of cholesterol breakdown by the liver, which reduces the chances of cardiovascular illnesses.

Other Supplements?

It’s recommended that you add Sarms supplements to any SARMs cycle.
Some SARMs can quash your natural testosterone levels.

It is recommended during, and after a sarms cycle a supplement is used to bring back Natural testosterone levels. And also to uphold your outcomes made from your cycle.

PCT, Test base and Cycle Support are supplements we have in stock today that will help keep testosterone levels normal. And prolong results of sarms after a cycle.

Disclaimer: Any products sold and purchased on Proven Sarms are sold strictly for research purposes only. Please read all necessary documents and research before handling.


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