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AC-262 536 Capsules

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AC-262 is most commonly known for its ability to interact to androgen receptor in muscles and bones, But without affecting any sexual tissue.

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What is AC-262 536 Capsules?

AC-262 536 capsules are most commonly known for interacting with androgen receptors in muscles and bones without affecting any sexual tissue.

Studies have shown this sarm to help with the development of strong bones, as well as develop muscle mass.

Ac-262 536 binds selectively to the androgen receptor like all the other SARMs.

AC-262536 has weak androgenic levels. This is beneficial to women, as they may not be able to develop male characteristics from using it.

How AC-262 536 Capsules works:

Acadia Pharmaceuticals created AC-262-536 to combat prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Like testosterone, it aids in growing lean muscle mass in the body. In addition, body-to-androgen receptor direct binding increases muscle mass without affecting liver enzymes, prostate cancer risk, or sexually transmitted diseases.

This SARM has only been tested on animals, so its efficacy and advantages are unknown. However, bodybuilders and athletes utilise it because it is identical to testosterone but has no adverse effects.

The selected androgen receptor modulator AC-262 536 has no side effects. There have been no human trials or studies since the SARM’s initial research began in 2007 with animal studies. Androgen receptor agonist AC-262,536 has been shown to reduce prostate cancer incidence, decrease testicles, and alter sexual tissue.

Nonetheless, it aids in the development of robust bones and muscles.

When it comes to binding receptors and suppressing luteinising hormone (LH), AC-262536 has been shown in animal models to be more potent than testosterone. Testosterone has been linked to muscle growth in studies on the chemical AC-262536.

The dihydrotestosterone (DHT) effects of AC-262 536 on human cancer cells may also have prostate cancer benefits (in vitro).

Benefits of AC-262 536 Capsules:

  • It helps increase muscle mass. The anabolic properties of the AC-262 536 can significantly improve muscular size. As a result, it is a testosterone-like substance without side effects [1].
  • Strengthen bone mass
  • Increased testosterone levels. AC-262 536 reduces luteinizing hormone concentrations (LH). In cases where LH levels are too high, they can act as a breeding environment for certain illnesses and aid in natural testosterone production [2]. However, a decrease in LH levels does not affect the effectiveness or potency of AC-262 536.
  • A study showed that AC-262 536 could increase androgen receptor levels, which could help with diseases like Alzheimer’s. Please note that all studies have been on rats and mice [3]. The compound can also help with spatial memory [4].
  • Could help prevent prostate cancer: AC-262 536 could reduce the development of prostate cancer. This is due to its antagonizing effect on dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT has been linked to the development of prostate cancer. Please note that all studies have been on rats/mice.


Other Supplements

It’s recommended that you add Sarms supplements to any SARMs cycle.

Some SARMs can quash your natural testosterone levels.

It is recommended during, and after a sarms cycle a supplement is used to bring back Natural testosterone levels. And also to uphold your outcomes made from your cycle.

PCT, Test base and Cycle Support are supplements we have in stock today that will help keep testosterone levels normal. And prolong results of sarms after a cycle.

Additional information

Half-Life and Dosages: According to the results, clinical experiments on mice have demonstrated that dosages ranging from 10 mg per kg to 30 mg per kg of body weight are effective for AC-262,536. In contrast, there have been no clear investigations on human dosages, therefore, this standard would not be comparable to human beings. However, based on the opinions so far, it is suggested to take doses of 10mg-30mg.

Cycles: As with all SARMs, post-cycle treatment (PCT) is needed when using AC-262. This implies you can keep the muscle mass you obtained while taking the medication. It would help if you cycled to keep your hormones in check and prevent becoming overly reliant on medication. Your PCT should be equivalent to the amount of time you spent taking your medication. SARMs do not necessitate a PCT, but they may be required to do so for a shorter period if you are taking them.

Disclaimer: Any products sold and purchased on Proven Sarms are sold strictly for research purposes only. Please read all necessary documents and research before handling.

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